By Kyra St John

Josh Verstraete isn’t just your average jock. Underneath the football jersey is an amazing guy with a lot of personality. Verstraete is involved in many different activities including, but not limited to: football, hockey, baseball, piano, and photography.

During high school, Verstraete has had some great memories. His favorite so far occurred during football this year. Specifically, it was his first game.

“The adrenaline of playing was just amazing.” This is Verstraete’s first year playing football, and he has really enjoyed it thus far.

Josh’s favorite pastimes include editing videos and pictures, as well as playing video games. He also has a family tradition every summer where his dad's whole side of the family will go up to a cottage for a week. “It’s a great opportunity to spend time together and bond as a family” This has been a big part of his life, and they have gone for the past ten years.

Something that really stands out in Josh is his interest in photography and editing. “I’m not great at photography but I enjoy seeing things from a different perspective.” He is a beginner and just uses apps on his phone, but some of his final products look like they were professionally edited.

“One thing I will always live by is to always put in one hundred percent in everything that you do” Verstraete revealed what has shaped him to be hardworking in all of the things he does.

Verstraete is kind, creative and all-around interesting person. At first glance, he may seem like a typical football jock, but he is so much more than his sports career.

Josh Verstraete, Staff Writer