Katie Gray
Katie Gray was born February 5th, 2003, into a loving, caring, and supportive home with her mom Kristen, dad Arthur, and older brother Joe along with her twin Megan and also her younger sister two years later. She lived in East Grand Rapids for three years, prior to living and going to school here in Forest Hills. She lives in the same neighborhood as her four cousins and loves hanging out with them on the weekend.

“I would say my favorite activities outside of school when I was in elementary school were swimming in the neighborhood pool and doing gymnastics with my friends and cousin Ellie,” said Katie.

She played soccer for a couple years, and she played for crew but then gave it up in fourth grade for gymnastics, which she liked better.

“Gymnastics was my favorite sport for nine years, kindergarten up until middle school, now I enjoy track and field,” said Katie.

“She was an outstanding gymnast, but school and her social life began to be more important than her gymnastics career, plus it was starting to get more dangerous, as she got older,” said Katie's mom, Kristen Gray.

Katie broke the growth plate in her left foot by landing weird after doing a roundoff-back handspring-back tuck. She also broke her wrist when her cousin stood on a stroller and fell on her while her wrist was under the stroller.

Katie and her family went to South Dakota for a vacation, where they got to see Mount Rushmore, go hiking, see some cousins she hadn't seen in awhile, and go to a cool waterfall. It was her favorite childhood vacation because it was exciting and different from all her other vacations since they always go down south where it’s warm. She actually enjoyed going somewhere with a similar climate as Michigan for a change.

Katie would like to go to Michigan State University, and she wants to be a veterinarian because she loves all animals. After college she wants to get married and have two or three kids but she doesn’t know if she wants to live in Michigan or go out of state, she would be happy with either.

By: Aubree Hatfield

Katie Gray, Writer

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