Kyra St. John

By: Joshua Verstraete

Have you ever shopped all night until 6 am? Kyra has.

Have you ever made a fake cake out of diapers? Kyra has.

Do you want to meet the Kardashians? So does Kyra.

Kyra St. John is a Senior at Forest Hills Northern, although she may not be the biggest in size, she’s never overlooked when she’s in a room.

Shopping until you drop is a term taken literally for the St. John family on Black Friday. This tradition started many years ago for them and has now been passed down to St. John and her sisters.

“On Thanksgiving night all the girls in my family go Black Friday shopping all night and don’t go to sleep until six in the morning. It’s just a really fun way to spend time together.”

Many of us have wondered what it would be like to meet a celebrity in person. Are they actually as fake as they seem? Or are they normal people. St. John wonders this about the whole Kardashian family.

“The Kardashians. It’d be interesting to see how they are in real life.”

St. John learned the hard way not to bring her phone into the shower a couple years ago. When she accidentally brought it in, the phone got soaked and, unfortunately, this led to her first big purchase being a new phone instead of a car or a nice piece of clothing.

Her earliest memory was making a cake out of diapers after her baby brother was born. She said that she and her Grandma made a tiered cake out of the diapers and diaper boxes.

How many people can you name who that have done that?

St. John is a funny, caring and genuine person who is a great person to meet.


Kyra St. John, Staff Writer