Lili Hudson

By: Maddi Lang

"It has provided me many opportunities that I wouldn't have had back in China," proclaimed Lili Hudson as she unravels what her life is like being adopted.

So she has always understood that her life story would have been much different if she were never adopted. American culture is considerably different from Chinese culture.

"My values and beliefs are probably different than they would have been in China," Hudson lays out. Being raised in the family that took her from her orphanage at only 18 months has helped shape Hudson into who she is today.

Hudson  hopes to be a juvenile probation officer and wants to help kids change their lives and rehabilitate. "I want to be able to give kids resources to help them grow and make healthier choices for their future," Hudson says, smiling.

In order for her to become a probation officer, she aspires to go to the University of Butler to study.

She aims to major in criminal justice and minor in psychology. Hudson mentioned that she will probably save money by  going to GRCC for the first two years to get the basics before transferring to Butler for the last two years.

Before she can achieve her dreams, she wants to finish her present goals. At the moment Hudson wishes to graduate her last year of high school and hopes to save enough money from her job at Ada village General Store for college.

Finishing the present goals won't be difficult for Hudson because she loves walking to her school every morning as well as riding her bike to her job when she is scheduled.

Hudson loves the environment of her school and work. "I would say school and work are a happy place because I am surrounded by friends, teachers, or co-workers who make me smile," explained Hudson.

Lili Hudson clearly has much to do in her life and hopes that the future holds more than what she lays out here today.

“Being Adopted I want to make the most of my life and help other people when I’m a juvenile probation officer,” Hudson proclaimed.

Lili Hudson, Staff Writer