Lindsay Bandyk
Lindsay Bandyk is the spitting image of a hard working teen. At the age of 17, she has already had experience in several different work environments, ranging from restaurants to beauty salons. She is currently working at Blimpies for her uncle in the midst of school. Her ability to juggle both work and education is mind-blowing considering her grades are top notch. She is committed to Forest HIlls Northern’s honor roll as well as the KCTC program (Kent Career Technical Center), which is a learning environment with real world applications. Aside from her job, she also babysits a handful of families. “I love kids; they’re crazy but it’s a fun and exciting job that is more free and unstructured than stores and restaurants,” Lindsay added.  Not only is she an influence to the kids she looks after, but for her school peers as well.  The dedication that comes out of her attitude, work, and education has set her up well. She plans to take her scientific diligence to college in hopes of becoming a physician’s assistant. Lindsay has perfected her independence and responsibility, but has also presented herself as an approachable, caring friend. She has exceeded most kids her age in terms of responsibility, work, and academic experience. Her future is destined for success.   By: Maddy Krahn

Lindsay Bandyk, Staff Writer

Nov 15, 2016
The Final Countdown (Story)