Logan Coles
Some know him as The Logger, some know him as Mr. President, some know him as the unsung hero, and some even know him by other names, but the point is… everyone knows him. He is Logan Coles. Logan is a seventeen year old senior here at Forest Hills Northern, who enjoys all of his classes, but prefers to challenge himself by taking advanced placement (AP) classes. When asked what his favorite class has been here at FHN, Logan was quick to respond with “AP Chemistry.” Some enjoy chemistry because of its elegance or because of the challenge that it provides, but for Logan, the answer was much simpler than either of those. It lied with what was brought in every Tuesday, bagels. So there were bagels every Tuesday, or as the kids called it “Bagel Tuesday.” When he’s not finding the molecular mass of CO2 or eating bagels, Logan spends his spare time as the president of DECA, a member of both the lacrosse and cross country teams, an executive board member for student government, a volunteer at his church, and even finds time to ski with his family. For most people, a schedule combining so many after school activities and advanced courses would be overwhelming. When asked how he handles so much responsibility, Logan pointed to one of his favorite quotes, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot.” He explained that if you’re careful with your time, there’s enough time in the day to get everything done. When asked what he does when he isn’t leading Deca or skiing down the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Logan stated that he “enjoys spending time with his friends and family.” Whether it’s having a family dinner on Sunday or hanging out with his friends after school, Logan swears by carving out some time to spend with those that are important to him. In the future, Logan plans to attend Michigan State University next fall to pursue a degree in the field of engineering. For the entirety of his life, he’s been a Spartan, as both of his parents attended MSU, and Logan plans to continue the tradition. Although Logan is excited for the future, he would like to leave his fellow students with this: “make the most of every moment, because high school will be over before you know it.”   By: Matt Pakkala

Logan Coles, Staff Writer

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