Maddi Lang

By: Lili Hudson

When she was 12, Maddi Lang was showing a friend of hers how to ride a BMX Track Bike down a huge hill near the campsite they were staying at that summer. However, there was a sand pit at the end of the hill which she wasn’t aware of that she ended up running into. After crashing, she tried to stand but then passed out. Even though her mother wanted to bring Lang to the hospital, Lang insisted that she was fine and just rested in the camper instead. “I knew that I was fine even though it scared me. So I decided I didn’t want to waste money by going to the hospital and just stayed there,” Lang said.

The characteristics Lang displayed that helped her get through her bike accident and are ones she is able to apply to a future career that she is passionate about. Criminal Justice.

“Ever since I was younger I’ve noticed that I’ve been interested in watching shows such as Criminal Minds or NCIS and watching how a group of people work together to solve a crime. But I know the actual job is not as glamorous as it’s shown on TV,” she stated. Lang has clearly thought about this career choice well and acknowledged some of the difficulties she might face. “It is a hard career to see myself go into just because I don’t think I’ll meet the standards physically.” However, Lang is very tough, resilient, and spontaneous which are all characteristics that will help her.

There are also different subfields in criminal justice that Lang would be interested in. Becoming a forensic scientist is her main goal, but she wants to be a police officer first so that she can gain experience in that field.

In order to reach these goals, Lang plans to attend GRCC for 2 years to save money before transferring to either MSU or GVSU. There is a very good Criminal Justice program that is offered at GRCC but for a lower price than other colleges that she plans to take advantage of.

For now, she would like to use her past experience of working at Arby’s to help her get a job at Forest Hills Foods as a cashier. She heard from a friend that Forest Hills Foods is similar to Arby’s because it “has great hours and will be flexible with my schedule.”

One benefit of working at FHF (Forest Hills Foods)  will be that the pay will be higher than it was at Arby’s. Another difference between the two job sites is that “FHF has a ton of people who go to our school and at Arby’s, I didn’t know anyone and was forced out of my comfort zone to make new friends. Arby’s honestly pushed me to make me more sociable around people… thank god.” Lang was one of two female employees at Arby’s, mainly for the reason that most of the applicants were males. Using the social skills that she learned from Arby’s, Lang is prepared and excited to move forward towards a new job opportunity as a cashier. She plans to save her money for college and can’t wait to be a future forensic scientist!


Maddie Lang, Staff Writer