Madison Krahn
Madison Carole Krahn. You probably know her as the girl who is always smiling or the girl who has an extremely contagious laugh that could be heard from across the school. Madison Krahn was born in the heart of northern Minnesota and soon after she moved to Michigan due to her dad's sudden job change,she was immediately enamored by all of the nature and art we have to offer. Madison has been drawing and painting her entire life and loves to do it in her free time, instead of for a grade or as a career She states,“When taking art classes in high school I felt suffocated by deadlines and felt that my creativity was being limited.” This is, in part, because she is and always has been a perfectionist.   Maddy not only excels in art but also in athletics; however, she is not your average athlete. She played soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball through a club simultaneously. As of now she focuses solely on soccer (her strongest sport) and academics. She is hoping to win states this year in soccer considering how close they were last year. Amongst juggling all of this, Maddy manages to be a truly amazing person; she is charismatic and kind to everyone she meets.. She doesn’t miss the mark in academics either, if that’s what you were thinking; she plans on continuing her education at Hope College for sociology. Maddy’s  entire family, dating back to her grandparents have attended Hope, and she doesn’t plan on breaking the streak. Maddy is basically the whole package. She’s enamored by nature and happiest in a canoe or hiking around Michigan. Right now her favorite time to be outside is actually during the school day- believe it or not! Maddy was lucky enough to be accepted into the Gone Boarding  class this year where she creates surfboards, longboards, skateboards, wakeboards,or skis. Not only do students in the class create these items, they also use them in Grand Haven or Lake Michigan during the school day. Maddy states, “So many opportunities have came from the class including an upcoming trip to The Burton Inventory in Vermont within the next couple weeks”. Overall, Maddy is a perfectly well rounded student that wants nothing more than happiness for herself and others. She never stops giving while asking nothing in return and is on/e of the most selfless people I know. She is excited about embarking on the journey of writing for publications and hopes she can improve not only her writing but also her love for language. By: Lindsay Bandyk

Madison Krahn, Staff Writer

Nov 17, 2016
Freshies (Story)