Madison Summerfield
Madison Winterhill? No! Madison Springvalley? No! Madison Summerfield? Yes! Madison, locally known as “Summy”, is a senior at Forest Hills Northern and very excited to be enrolled in the Writing for Publication class. She is an alumni from Mrs. McAllister’s AP Lang class of the 2015-2016 school year. She derived many writing skills throughout this advanced placement class, but plans on exploring her creative article-writing side in a more laid back setting. Summy says herself, “I have spent a lot of time writing by the structure of a rhetorical analysis essay, and it will be fun to write articles about things that truly interest me and relate my school.” Summy is extremely involved here at Northern High as she is the captain of the girls volleyball team, and an active member of National Honors Society, Student Government, and the extremely exclusive group, The Mr. Fouch Lunch Club. She is most commonly known for her passion on the court. Madison  has played volleyball for as long as she can remember, and it holds a very special place in her heart. Madison also enjoys hanging out with friends. She is a very outgoing person therefore has friends from all over the greater Grand Rapids area. There's no doubt that these personable skills will come into good use during this semester while interviewing many different people or simply encouraging our student body to check out The Northern Times. Make sure to give Madison a warm hello whenever you see her; she’s bound to make your day!     By: Emily Tatman

Madison Summerfield, Staff Writer

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