Megan Gray
Megan Gray is the daughter of Arthur and Kristen Gray, the twin sister of Katie Gray and sister to Joe and Anna Gray. She is also a wonderful granddaughter to Katherine and Jan Vonk, on her mother’s side, Martha and Bruce Sherpenis on her father’s side and Dr. Richard Benninger, also on her mom’s side.

Megan was born in downtown Grand Rapids, on February 6th, in 2003 at 12:26 AM,  44 minutes after her twin sister, Katie.

Megan’s earliest memory is from when she was three.  “I was doing somersaults down one of the hallways in my house, when all of a sudden, I somersaulted and hit my head against a wall.  I started crying and then Katie came out and comforted me.”

“My mom always tells me about how one time when I was an infant, we had to go on a plane to travel home and I was sick, so my dad left my mom to sit with me, next to a stranger. I then got sick and my mom had to wash up. The lady next to me had four kids, so she offered to hold me on the rest of the plane ride.”

If I could hold onto any memory from my life forever, I would hold onto a memory that I have of my grandpa. When I was younger, my grandparents gave every girl in my family a charm bracelet with their favorite animals on it. I got one with a monkey on it, and I noticed a heart near the clasp. I turned to my grandma and asked her what it meant and she told me Papa had it added so we’d never forget that he will always be in our hearts and we’ll always be in his. I have always loved the thought of that, and now that he's passed on, I cherish it more because I know that he’ll always be with me.”

In 2021, Megan would like to attend Hope College because of their program for students wanting to become preschool teachers for kids with autism. She would like to find a nice, hard working man that can support her family. She’d like to have two kids (preferably a boy and girl twin) living in Grand Rapids, in a house on Forest Hills Drive.    

By Lydia Bouma

Megan Gray, Writer

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