Oscar Benson

By: Nithya Balakrishnan

Oscar Benson may seem like your typical high school senior. He’s looking forward to his freshman year of college, and definitely ready to be finally done with high school. But Oscar has a lot more to him than meets the eye.

Benson, born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, portrays a true Michigander. “I like to be outside,” he says. “Anything in the natural world. I like to fish, to hunt, I like hiking and boating outside. Pretty much anything outdoors.” He even bought a kayak for “300 bucks”, the first thing he ever bought with his own money. Benson translates this love of the outdoors into a love of science, his favorite subject in school.

Benson has interests outside of the great outdoors, however, interests that seem out of left field. He’s branching out of comfort zone, expressing interest in things drastically different from his hobbies. He says that if he had to pick up a skill in an instant, he would learn how to speak French. “It would let me connect with more people. I think France is really cool.”

Another one of his interests is a little closer to home. “I like space, because it’s an unknown, it’s a big unknown. There are a lot of different theories you could come up with.” Clearly, his love of science and nature fuels his curiosity in other areas.

Other than his interests, Benson’s focus is his family. He has a brother and sister and looks up to his dad as an inspiration. “I admire my dad because he’s a good role model. He’s been successful, and I want to imitate that.”

While his friends say he’s pretty quiet, he’s also good at “talking myself out of trouble and bailing people out.” It’s a useful skill to have.

That’s not Benson’s only hidden talent. Last year he passed the AP Spanish test, “without taking the class or studying at all. Isn’t that legendary?” he says with a smile.

Benson wants to stay near his roots and attend school in-state. He aspires to go to Northern Michigan University and views college as the next big adventure in his life. His dream job is to be an electrician, which is a fitting occupation for someone who likes to roll up his sleeves and do the work. “I see myself owning a house, graduated from college hopefully.” His future is bright, and with his many talents and interest, Oscar Benson will surely be able to tackle the next part of his life.


Oscar Benson, Staff Writer