Rajeev Nag
Rajeev Nag is one of those people that everybody should have in their life. He is kind, thoughtful, and always makes sure that you are doing ok. As this is already known through our school, there are many things that the average Forest Hill Northern student does not know about him, such as his love for the school and its everlasting wonders.  

He loves learning about his surrounding environment, and questions everything.   “I just think that the more questions that I ask, the more I will learn.”

He also finds joy in asking questions in the classroom as he hopes to always be able to prosper in the classroom.  “School is just and important part of my life because I want to be successful.”

While he may not enjoy the tests and quizzes found in school, he makes sure that he is always prepared for them. He studies between watching television and hanging out with friends. This helps him to keep up on his schoolwork and earn good grades. He wants to use these good grades to get into a nice college.

While he is not sure what he wants to do, Rajeev will most likely be making a lot of money.  “I want to have a large house, a wife, and a dog,” as dogs are his absolute favorite animal. Following these successes, he will be trying to upgrade his first home into a mansion and to have kids.

He is an incredible person who has set him himself onto the track of success.

By: Ethan Chomoa

Rajeev Nag, Writer

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