Riley Kwiatkowski
Riley didn’t join the husky family until halfway through her sophomore year of high school, but she’s already made an impact in our school in the past year and a half. Many of you know her as a competitive volleyball player, one of the captains of the team. But what might surprise you is her quiet yet encouraging personality. She describes herself as “the most amazing listener and supporter,” which I’ve come to know is definitely true. Riley plans on becoming an elementary school teacher which goes hand in hand with her attentive disposition. Though her dreams are big - attending Aurora University and studying early childhood development - she’s been very grateful for her “extraordinary” experience here at Northern, and is excited for her last year here. She loves to write, and thought taking a journalism class her last year of high school would be a fun way to start wrapping up her senior year, while also discovering a new style of writing. Not only has she learned journalistic techniques in Writing for Publications, she’s also learned a lot through the relationships she’s built with teachers and peers at FHN, which she feels is a very important part of high school. Between meeting her best friends and winning Battle of the Hills in volleyball this year, Riley has come to love this devoted community in which we learn. She believes her teachers have truly helped shape who she is today, and hopes to do the same when she is molding the minds of young children.  Riley’s time here in the husky halls will be over this year, but she’s made plenty of memories and will cherish them in all the years to come. She hopes that underclassmen will be able to be themselves and embrace high school’s fun times but also the struggles which help mold perseverance in our lives. Riley Kwiatkowski is ready to share her many experiences and take on the world.   By: Celia Mendoza

Riley Kwiatkowski, Staff Writer

Mar 06, 2017
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