Sadie Knee

By:  Victor Santillan

Scrambled eggs with cottage cheese isn't a usual combination. Neither is Sadie Knee.

She has experiences that most people wouldn't believe.

Her basketball skills are also anything but normal. Over her career, ten D-1 schools have shown serious interest. She won't say which ones, but either way, that is a feat she can be proud of.

Sadie was born in Birmingham, Alabama and has lived in six states throughout her life so far. One of those states was Mississippi in 2005. The category five catastrophe had nothing on Sadie.

“I lived through Katrina,” said Sadie while talking about her childhood. “We would go swimming in the floods and waited two weeks for the power to come back.”  

During the Katrina rebuild, Sadie got the chance to meet President George W. Bush. “It wasn't that big of a deal but it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience,” said Sadie.

Another encounter with fame was the time she met the Lakers NBA star, Brandon Ingram. He was coincidentally hanging out at the gym where Sadie was training.  “I was playing basketball and he was just there. I talked to him for a bit and then got kicked out so he could practice.”

Sadie’s passion for basketball goes way back to her childhood. Her career started at the age of five. Her first team was a boys’ team. She has always had a competitive spirit.  “When it comes to basketball, Thomas Kelly inspires me the most. Most of my skills come from him.”

Even though she currently lives in Michigan, she can't wait to get out.

“I don't like it here,” she didn't say why but she must have a good reason. Must be the potholes.

After graduating high school, she plans on going to college at Union University in Tennessee and continuing her basketball career and taking her basketball career to the next level.

Sadie’s quiet determination and hardworking spirit are bound to make her successful in the future. No matter what Sadie does in life, she will compete and work until she accomplishes what she was working towards.

If you ever need to find Sadie, she will most likely be doing homework or practicing. If she's not doing either of those, she will most likely be watching Glory Road with her two dogs while eating BBQ pulled chicken.

Sadie Knee, Staff Writer