Sean Slayton

By: Silas Olson

Michigander Sean Slayton is considered a legend to most, a man by some, and a mystery to all. He moved to Grand Rapids his freshman year.

Slayton is very charismatic with a spunky personality. He likes to plays video games, hang out with friends, and ride bikes. The biggest challenge in his life was trying to fit in. His favorite color is blue.

Sean got his first job ever at Ace hardware seven weeks ago. “I like to help people however I can.” One of the stupidest things he has done was almost blowing up an Ace hardware.  He broke the hose on the gas line. “I almost became a human fireball.”

He is good friends with Zoe Reep, Slayton's first friend at Northern High School. His likes to read any book that has a good plot and makes him think.

His greatest fear is fear of the unknown.  He is very knowledgeable and has a moderately high GPA. He loves his family especially.

He used to play football four years ago. In eighth grade, Slayton was a football player for Scranton Middle School, in Brighton, Michigan. Slayton played center, “eat your heart out Masco.” Sean played for Brighton White team.

Slayton would snap the ball, rush forward, and defend the quarterback with his life. Whenever he got knocked down, Slayton would get back up and do it all again for the love of the sport. Slayton was competing for center against an unbeatable opponent, the coach’s son. Slayton’s heart was always on the field when he played. He would play with all his ability. One day, Slayton was at the starting position. His Grandmother had passed away, so he was playing for her.

That year made Slayton into the person he is today. He now puts his heart into people instead of sports. Sean is still one of the nicest, smartest, most genuine, people you could meet in a school full of fakeness. He makes people laugh with his comedy stand-up routine. His sarcastic humor is very rare. Sean Slayton is a mystery to some, but not to me.

Sean Slayton, Staff Writer