A Look Into The Life of Sydnee Michmerhuizen
Grand Rapids civilian Sydnee Michmerhuizen is worthy of this week’s spotlight for a number of reasons.

On June 11, 2000, Sydnee Michmerhuizen was born in Grand Rapids and later moved into her neighborhood on Burton street at the age of four. At a young age Sydnee primarily spent her days with friends Jordan Lippert and Hannah Mason.

“We would walk around all day,” she stated.

Her typical days were spent commuting on foot with her best friends from the neighborhood, routinely visiting the Burton MVP and swimming for countless hours then  returning back home for other activities.

“We’d eat nasty pretzels, and Jordan would drink straight queso and walk to speedway and get huge slushies that we couldn’t finish and get super sick to our stomachs.”

During colder months Sydnee and her friends would visit the local duck pond and walk around its perimeters with Speedway hot chocolate. After that, they’d close the day out playing card games and watching reality TV.

Sydnee is still friends with these two today. “They’ve been a huge influence on my life. I don’t know where or who I’d be if I didn’t have them growing up with me,” she emphasized.

Today, Sydnee is a senior at Forest Hills Northern High School.

Sydnee plays the flute in FHN’s marching band. One of her favorite memories from high school was her last band camp this past August.

“Band camp has always been fun but this year was the best. We had after parties just for the seniors, and together we raided all the kids with water balloons and super soakers at the Thursday band party.”

According to Sydnee, band camp this year was vastly different because the seniors have the spotlight and the authority over the younger kids.

“It feels as if band camp this year was made for the seniors. We all became closer as a family and had lots of memorable times together. It was wonderful.”

For fun, Sydnee often visits the skating rinks around Grand Rapids. She prefers The Fun Spot in downtown Grand Rapids over any of the other rinks.

“They play better music and the rink is made out of wood and not concrete like most places.”

Sydnee started routinely skating on Friday nights freshman year with her friends Lauren Argue and Brianna VanderHooning.

“We’d go skating for a couple hours and then go eat at Steak and Shake and afterward we would go to Lauren’s house and watch scary movies.”

Sydnee plans to graduate this coming May and be enrolled in a college for the Fall 2018 semester.

Sydnee Michmerhuizen, Writer

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