Victor Santillan

By: Sadie Knee

A senior in his second year on the varsity football team, Victor Santillan may have an intimidating stature while walking the halls of Forest Hills Northern; however, beyond this, Santillan has a more gracious and affectionate side to him.

“I look up to Drew Brees because his character off the field is very admirable and leads on and off the field,”  describes Santillan, proving what is important in his life.

In his free time, Santillan may be found participating in sports, hanging out with his friends, or even improving his football skills by watching an NFL combine, where he met a football icon.

“I love sports,” stated Santillan. “It has taken up a lot of my time in high school, but I do it because I love it.”

Some might even say that Frosted Flakes, Santillan’s favorite cereal, demonstrates even more Victor’s love for sports as it is famously known as the cereal for athletes.

His first and current job proves his love for sports even more. Santillan is working as a griller at the Fifth-Third Ballpark, home of Grand Rapids very own semi-pro baseball team, the Whitecaps.

It is without a doubt that Santillan displays the highest levels of toughness and athleticism; however, athletics isn’t the only thing on his mind.

It is obvious that he is a kind, loving, and charismatic fellow. He loves his family, friends, animals, and music.

“If I could develop a new skill right now it would be playing bass guitar because my mom used to play, my sister plays, and it’s the very best part of music,” Santillan says.

Underneath what may seem like an intense personality, Santillan just might surprise you with his kind-hearted nature.

Victor Santillan, Staff Writer